Experience taking care of yourself Bread: white or brown?

Bread: white or brown?

Brown bread is made from flour obtained from the full cereal grain (including the bran and germ) while white bread is produced from refined flour.
Brown bread, compared to white, provides double the amount of fibre and many more vitamins, mineral salts and phytochemical compounds. As regards antioxidant substances, brown bread contains over 700 different compounds while white bread contains just seven.
All these brown bread components have a beneficial effect on health. Fibre regulates the digestive system while antioxidants and phytochemical compounds can protect us in the long term from cancer, cardiovascular diseases and cell ageing.
It is true that white and brown bread provide the same calories.

Three wholemeals a day

It is recommended we eat wholemeal varieties three times a day. This may seem a great deal, but it is enough to include a portion of wholegrain cereal or a couple of slices of brown bread at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
However, for those suffering from intestinal problems, it may be more convenient to temporarily choose white bread and the varieties baked with refined flour until your intestine adapts to this higher content in dietary fibre.
Healthia hotels always offer brown bread and other foodstuffs containing wholegrain cereals so that you can maintain a healthy diet at all your meals.

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