Experience taking care of yourself The joy of caring for yourself

The joy of caring for yourself

Your diet bears a significant impact on your health.
A healthy diet – varied and balanced – helps us to stay healthy and provides a tremendous sense of personal well-being.
We are fortunate. Our diet is often based on personal choice. Everyone chooses what to eat, although it is clear that the supply and availability of the food we have within reach will largely influence our choice.
We know that eating fruit and vegetables on a regular basis offers many benefits. For instance, eating more than 600 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables a day (an amount you can easily consume if you divide it into five daily portions) reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease by 20% and the risk of cancer by 20%, especially gastrointestinal cancers. It seems hard to believe, doesn’t it?
There is no time like the present to start taking care of yourself. Looking after your diet is a good beginning. There are many healthy eating options, such as a piece of fruit, a fresh salad, a couple of slices of wholemeal bread, a filet of oily fish or a handful of nuts, which help regulate the body and protect it from possible upsets. Additionally energise us and can lift our spirits.
For all these reasons, Healthia is on your side, helping you to follow a healthy diet even when you are far from home.

Healthy eating in style

A healthy diet is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. The other two are regular exercise and not smoking.
Keeping up a healthy lifestylecan sometimes seem complicated. Changing your habits is no easy feat. We tend not to see the benefits of this in the short term. And we always put it on the long finger.
Yet a healthy lifestyle is the best investment we can make in order to stay healthy. This is confirmed by numerous studies. Many illnesses today, such as cardiovascular problems, adult diabetes and even cancer, can be largely avoided by living a healthy lifestyle. According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and the American Cancer Society, seven out of ten cancers are linked to lifestyle and can therefore be prevented. And prevention is always the best cure.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, advised Hippocrates in Ancient Greece. A wise vision – still applicable today – which reveals that food and health have always been intertwined.

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