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Lunch or dinner buffet

Food ahoy!

Eating from a buffet has its advantages. You can see the food directly, try a wide range of dishes and serve just the right amount of food that you feel like eating. Yet it also carries some risks, such as choosing your food on impulse and ultimately consuming far too many calories. In spite of this, you can eat from a buffet and make healthy choices if you follow a few suggestions:

1. Survey all the buffet tables before beginning to serve yourself. That way it will be easier to plan what you are going to eat.
2. Avoid “eating with your eyes”. Remember that maintaining a balanced diet is important, so try to create a menu that includes all the basic food groups:

  • Vegetables;
  • Cereals (rice, pasta, pulses, potatoes or bread);
  • Proteins (meat, fish or eggs);
  • Fresh fruit and/or a low-fat dairy product;
  • A beverage, preferably water.

3. Start with the salad bar. This is one of the healthiest alternatives. Serve yourself as much as you want. Choose a simple dressing, such as oil and vinegar.
4. If you want to try several dishes, serve yourself small portions of each.
5. To avoid a heavy meal, do not choose more than one dish containing foods that are fatty or have a sauce.
6. Select simply cooked dishes (cooked on the grill, in the oven, steamed, etc.) instead of cooking processes that are fatty or use a sauce.
7. If you want to try several desserts, serve yourself small portions. But it is always preferable to choose fresh fruit than any other type of dessert! Remember that it is advisable to eat fruit three times a day.
8. An ideal menu consists of a first course or starter based on fresh vegetables, and a second course with a base of meat, fish or eggs accompanied by pasta, rice, pulses or potatoes. And for dessert, preferably fresh fruit. In other words:

  1. One course of vegetables.
  2. Half a course of starchy foods and half of proteins.
  3. One course of fruit.

So… a maximum of three courses!
9. Accompany your meal with brown bread.
10. Choose water to drink during all your meals.
In order to help you maintain a healthy diet, Healthia restaurant buffets always offer salads of fresh vegetables, a choice of white meat or fish cooked without much fat, fresh fruit, brown bread and calorie-free sweeteners.