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Healthy good mornings

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” How many times have you heard that age-old axiom? Often, no doubt. And it has a certain degree of truth, but without forgetting the other meals in the day.
In fact, it is strongly advised that you start the day off with a balanced breakfast. It is also a healthy habit.
A healthy breakfast helps us to start the day on a good note. A healthy breakfast replaces energy used during the night and gives us the verve we need to tackle the morning’s activities. It also bears an influence on your intellectual performance and helps to put you in a good mood.
Yet what makes a healthy breakfast? A balanced breakfast should include at least one representative food from each of these three food groups:

  • Fresh fruit;
  • A low-fat dairy product or equivalent product (for example, a soy shake);
  • Wholegrain cereals or derivatives (brown bread, wholegrain breakfast cereals, etc.).

Furthermore, these options can be supplemented with the odd fatty food (dried fruit and nuts or a vegetable oil, for instance) and some protein-rich food (such as cured ham or an egg). Nevertheless, limiting the consumption of proteins in the morning if meat, fish or eggs are already included at lunch or dinner is advised.
In the case of jams, jellies, honey and other sugar-rich foods, you should reduce consumption of these food items, especially if you are trying to control your weight. In this case, you can use calorie-free sweeteners and light or sugar-free jams or marmalades. And if you need to give yourself a boost, coffee or tea can be a great help.

Two extremely healthy examples

A healthy breakfast, both tasty and simple, may consist of:

  • Coffee with skimmed milk, wholegrain toast with soft fresh cheese (with 0% fat), light or sugar-free jam or marmalade and a fresh fruit salad.
  • Tea, fat-free yoghurt with wholegrain cereals and chopped fresh fruit.

At Healthia hotels you will always find appetising options so that you can have the healthiest breakfast every day with a selection of fresh fruit, wholegrain cereals, low-fat dairy products and calorie-free sweeteners. 

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