Healthia Moments Dinner

Light and tasty

Dinner should include the same food groups as lunch. In other words:

  • Vegetables;
  • Cereals (rice, pasta, pulses, potatoes or bread);
  • Proteins (meat, fish or eggs);
  • Fresh fruit and/or low-fat dairy products;
  • A beverage, preferably water.

However, dinner, in contrast to lunch, should be lighter to facilitate digestion and an invigorating rest. So we recommend:

  • Eating a smaller amount of food,
  • Choosing dishes cooked with little fat, for example done on the grill, steamed or boiled.

The ideal dinner

By way of example, we suggest the following menu structure for dinner:

  • Starter: vegetables (a medley of steamed vegetables or a cream of vegetable soup).
  • Main course: meat, fish or eggs with a starchy or vegetable side dish (beef sirloin with roast potatoes or fish with a side serving of wild rice).
  • Dessert: fresh fruit or a low-fat dairy product.
  • Accompanied by: wholemeal bread and water.

Remember that Healthia hotels offer you healthy dinner options because vegetable-based starters, lean meats or fish cooked with little fat, wholegrain cereals and fresh fruit are always readily available.

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