Healthia Moments What to drink in between meals

Water quenches your thirst

Thirst is a mechanism for regulating the water content in your body. We drink to restore our fluid balance. But how much water should we drink? Our need for liquids varies according to the circumstances. Your body is really smart and always wise as to when and how much liquid it needs to ingest. However, generally speaking, it requires more liquid when it loses water through sweating and the evaporation of perspiration through your skin, for example:

  • When the weather is very hot or very cold,
  • When you are playing sport or engaging in intense physical exercise.
  • During exposure to warm or closed environments for several hours.

In these situations sufficient consumption of liquids in response to your thirst mechanism is strongly recommended.
On the other hand, pregnant and breast-feeding women need more liquids. That said, it is also true that one’s thirst adapts perfectly to these two situations and you do not need to force yourself to drink more than your body demands. Furthermore, during old age, your feeling of thirst may not be properly regulated. So you should check that older people (particularly frail elderly people) drink enough liquids every day.

What you should drink

There is nothing like water for slaking your thirst. Water does not require digestion and the body utilises it without effort.
Yet if you feel like a little flavour, you can choose calorie-free drinks and thereby avoid an extra dose of sugar, such as:

  • Light or sugar-free refreshments;
  • Coffee, tea and herbal teas with little or no sugar or a calorie-free sweetener. If you prefer coffee or tea with milk, use skimmed milk.

You should bear in mind that cola refreshments, coffee and tea contain caffeine. Therefore, they are not recommended if you have problems sleeping (or if your suffer from high blood pressure).
Natural fruit juices, i.e. freshly squeezed juices or fruit shakes, are an alternative. It should be underlined that it is not advisable to systematically replace eating fruit with drinking fruit juice – even when freshly squeezed – because your body tends to store calories such as those provided by juices more easily. However, occasional consumption of juices is perfectly compatible with a healthy diet.
It must be remembered that alcoholic beverages contain alcohol and calories. For this reason, it is preferable to get into the habit of drinking alcohol-free drinks.
Healthia hotels offer you healthy beverage options so that you can take care of yourself throughout your stay. So you can always drink and hydrate yourself with mineral water, caffeine-free coffee and teas (with skimmed or soy milk) and light or sugar-free refreshments.

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