Healthia Moments What to eat in between meals

Snacking is allowed

Contrary to what is often believed, snacking between meals can be a healthy habit, for example to take the edge off your appetite. In fact, eating often (five times a day) is linked to a healthier body weight, whereas if you are very hungry (or after fasting), you tend to choose more high-calorie foods.However, needless to say, it is altogether inadvisable to eat high-calorie foods such as chocolate bars, pastries or ice creams in between meals.

Healthy snacks

When you get hunger pangs or fancy having a snack, you can eat (without a twinge of guilt) any of these healthy alternatives:

  • A piece of fruit;
  • A low-fat yoghurt;
  • Fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumber, etc.);
  • Corn or rice cakes;
  • Crackers (without much salt);
  • Wholegrain bread sticks;
  • Corn crackers;
  • A slice of brown bread;
  • Dried fruit or nuts.

Drinking liquids, preferably water or calorie-free drinks (herbal teas, sugar-free refreshments, broths, etc.), will provide a momentary feeling of satiation and help you last until the next meal time.
Healthia hotels always offer healthy beverages so that you can take care of yourself fully throughout your stay.

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