Healthia Moments Restaurant

Dinner is served

There is a prevalent belief that eating outside the home makes you fat or is unhealthy.
And that could be true if you choose succulent, fatty dishes and sickly sweet desserts, or if the portion size is extra-large. But when you choose your food according to health considerations, without forgetting personal tastes and the pleasure of eating, things are quite different.
So to make a selection of healthy dishes, bearing in mind a balanced diet, following some basic tips is suffice:

  • Choose a dish whose main ingredient is vegetables, and even better if fresh (such as a salad or a dish of raw or steamed vegetables).
  • Select dishes that are not really elaborate and use very little sauce. Avoid fried foods. Give preference to dishes that retain the real taste of their raw ingredients!
  • Be careful with sauces and dressings because they tend to have a high calorie content.
  • Drink water with your meal. Water is the healthiest drink and, what’s more, it contains no calories.
  • Choose fresh fruit as a dessert. Steer clear of the habit of eating cakes and sweet things for dessert.
  • You do not always have to finish the whole dish. Sometimes, portions can be too large.

In order to help you maintain a healthy diet, Healthia restaurants always offer salads of fresh vegetables, a choice of meat or fish cooked without much fat, fresh fruit for dessert, brown bread and calorie-free sweeteners.

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